and into your patients' daily lives.

Nectar is a platform that optimizes patient care through Remote Patient Monitoring today and data tomorrow.
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With advances in technology, the demands of specialty care are no longer bound by short face-to-face visits every six-eight months. At Honeycomb, our vision is to transform specialty health by optimizing patient care through remote monitoring today and data tomorrow.
We have partnered with MiCare Path, which shares our mission to provide better and better healthcare through advancements in connectivity. MiCare Path provides real-time connectivity which provides real-time connectivity between our clinic team and you, our valued patient. This tool will help us more efficiently monitor, communicate, and give feedback on your health, which, in turn, leads to better care and improved outcomes. This tool will also allow you to have more involvement in your own care plan, providing opportunities to give updates and symptom reports as well as access to resources to better understand your condition and care. It is our goal to empower you with the confidence that you have all the right tools at the right time to regain your quality of life. Your health is our number one focus, and we are excited to build a closer connection with you between office visits through this new technology.
Rooted in the science of behavioral change and human experience, Nectar is giving patients the connection and confidence needed to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

Nectar Path devices, dashboards and data

• Measure numerous patient metrics such as weight, blood pressure, glucose, temperature and heart rate with numerous cellular and Bluetooth-enabled devices. • Monitor pain and therapy on a day-to-day basis. • Adjust medications, activity levels, and diet as needed based on analytics of patient data throughout the month between office visits.
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For The Patient

Connected App • Education • Communication • Behavior engagement • Activity and/or symptom recording Disease-Specific Devices and Vital Monitoring • Open platform • Critical data capture for chronic conditions • 10+ physiologic measures • 13+ connected devices • Cellular and BluetoothTM
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For The Care Team

Integrated Reimbursement
• Physiological and therapeutic remote monitoring
• Chronic and principal care management
• Mental health assessment**
• Remote video communication**

Intelligent Platform
• Triaged dashboard
• Intuitive insights
• Health outcomes
• Auto-documentation
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For The Health Organizations

Visualizations • Geolocation (SDOH) • Risk algorithm engine • Near-instant analysis • Dynamic views Measure Profitable Change • KPI based insights • KBI clustering/targeting • Marketing insights