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About Diabetes

Diabetes is a complex disease that affects almost every organ in your body, putting you at risk of developing other health conditions. Nectar RPM in Memphis, Tennessee, is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) practice that helps people with diabetes manage their health from the comfort of their homes. They use advanced medical devices to monitor health data remotely, including blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight. Call today or schedule a consultation using the online booking button.

Diabetes Q & A

Why is diabetes a complex disease?

Diabetes is a complex disease because of how it affects the body over the long term. You have diabetes when your blood glucose levels are higher than normal. 

Glucose is the preferred energy source for the cells in your body and comes from the food you eat. When glucose reaches your bloodstream, it triggers the pancreas to release insulin, the hormone that helps transport glucose from the blood into the cell.

People with diabetes either don’t make any insulin, or the insulin is unable to do its job. Too much glucose in the blood damages the blood vessels and organs, causing health problems like heart disease, kidney disease, and neuropathy (nerve damage). 

How do I manage diabetes?

The goal of diabetes management is to keep your blood glucose levels within normal range. Treatment for diabetes may include medication and lifestyle changes like eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise. Maintaining a healthy weight is also recommended for people with diabetes.

Even if you do everything right for diabetes management, factors like stress or an illness may make it harder to control your blood glucose numbers. 

My blood sugars are too high. Can RPM improve my diabetes?

If your blood glucose numbers are too high and you can’t figure out why, remote patient monitoring (RPM) with Nectar RPM can help. You may also benefit from RPM for your diabetes if you have other health conditions like hypertension or cardiovascular disease.


Nectar RPM may recommend various devices to improve your diabetes management, such as:

At-home glucometer machine

Tracking your blood glucose levels at home gives you a better idea of how different foods and activities affect your numbers. Nectar RPM uses glucose monitors that transmit your readings to them so they can follow along and provide treatment recommendations to improve your numbers.

At-home blood pressure machine

Your blood pressure varies throughout the day. By monitoring your readings at home, Nectar RPM can create a plan that improves your blood pressure, reducing the risk of health complications. 

Weight scale

You may benefit from a remote monitoring weight scale if you’re trying to get to a healthier weight to improve your diabetes.

Diabetes management requires your active participation. With remote monitoring from Nectar RPM, you get professional support you need from the comfort of your home. 

Call Nectar RPM today or book an appointment online to learn more about remote patient monitoring for diabetes.