Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

About Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) allows health care providers to monitor specific health conditions and patient response to the prescribed therapy. Nectar RPM in Memphis, Tennessee, is a remote patient monitoring practice that provides RTM using FDA-approved software to collect health data. Find out more about RTM at Nectar RPM by calling today or booking a consultation online.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Q & A

What is remote therapeutic monitoring?

Remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) is a type of telehealth that monitors nonphysiological data for conditions that affect the musculoskeletal (bones, joints, and muscles) and respiratory systems.

Nonphysiological data refers to how well patients adhere to their prescribed therapy and the effectiveness of the therapy. By comparison, remote patient monitoring (RPM) collects physiological data like blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose.

RPM and RTM are remote patient services that allow you to receive medical care from the comfort of your home. Nectar RPM offers these services. 

Who benefits from remote therapeutic monitoring?

Nectar RPM determines who might benefit from RTM. This type of remote patient care is more therapeutic and supportive and is used to treat conditions such as:

  • Arthritis 
  • Tendinitis
  • Fractures
  • Lung infections
  • Exacerbation of respiratory illness

RTM allows patients in need of therapeutic medical support to get the care they need without having to visit a medical facility or doctor’s office. Instead, the monitoring and management are while you remain at home.

To assess the effectiveness of your treatment, Nectar RPM uses FDA-approved software to collect and evaluate nonphysiological data, such as a pain survey, providing measurable data that evaluates and tracks health.

What can I expect from remote therapeutic monitoring?

The details of your RTM from Nectar RPM depend on your health needs and goals. The purpose of RTM is to check how compliant you are with the prescribed therapy and how well it’s helping.

For example, if you have arthritis pain, your health care provider may prescribe a home exercise program to reduce pain and improve function. Though beneficial, many patients may have a hard time following through with the prescribed exercise plan.

With RTM, Nectar RPM checks in to see how well you’re doing with your therapy and evaluate the benefits. This extra remote health check may motivate you to comply with your therapy, leading to better outcomes.

Additionally, the data Nectar RPM collects through RTM helps your provider make timely adjustments to your plan to improve compliance.

Remote therapeutic monitoring makes getting the medical services necessary to benefit your health easier and more convenient.

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